Kask MTEK FLUX Carbon-V

Ultralekki i wytrzymały na uderzenia kask MTEK FLUX Carbon-V o unikalnej konstrukcji czerepu. Fabrycznie wyposażony w szyny boczne w standardzie Magpul M-LOK, gniazdo montażowe Wilcox Industries L4 oraz rewolucyjne wyposażenie wewnętrzne FluxLiner. Idealnie sprawdzi się we wszystkich zadaniach, gdzie ochrona głowa przed uderzeniami jest niezbędna albo szukasz perfekcyjnej platformy do korzystania z gogli noktowizyjnych.

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The FLUX Carbon-V is the first release of the revolutionary FLUX helmet system. This helmet was specifically designed to give you the highest level of safety, comfort and modularity currently available in a modern bump helmet. The lightweight shell is constructed of high strength carbon fiber, and features an undercutting geometric profile that follows the natural shape of your head providing exceptional stability and coverage.

The FLUX Carbon-V has just over 5.5in^2 of cooling vents, making it ideally suited when you’re engaged in any type of strenuous activity, especially any that requires lightweight impact protection. The high cut edge profile was designed to be compatible with a wide range of existing communications headsets and accessories. Lightweight polymer retaining structures are bonded to the outside of the FLUX shell and provide a secure mounting for the FLUX M-LOK accessory rails and the Wilcox L4 three hole shroud.

The interior Fluxliner™ offers excellent impact protection and is manufactured using a proprietary rate-sensitive foam. Two sets of adjustable comfort pads are included with each helmet, which let you manage the internal layout to customize the interior just for your head. The retention system also features Cam-Loc sliders for ease of adjustment, an ultra-suede chin cup. The ends of the retention terminates with Inverseclips® allowing for easy removal and additional safety.

Total System Weight: 2.0 lbs (0.90 kg)

Carbon Shell Weight: .75 lbs (0.34 kg)

Minimum Usable Weight: 1.55 lbs (0.70 kg)

Overall Dimensions: 10.5″ x 9.5″ x 6.5″ ( 267x241x165 mm)

Carbon Fiber Shell:

  • Lightweight with high-strength and stiffness
  • Multi-Ply construction for increased rigidity
  • 100% Boltless (no drilled holes or perforations through the shell)
  • Undercut Geometry contours to the natural shape of the head
  • Side clearance for communications headsets
  • Solid outer shell (Carbon-S)
  • Durable Mil-Spec CARC paint and epoxy primer
  • Available in Coyote, Black, Green, and Multicam


  • Accepts Magpul® M-LOK accessories
  • Glass filled polymer construction
  • Low profile anti-snag design
  • Connects to FLUX bonded retaining structures via anti rotation nuts
  • O2 center-release-buckle (CRB) slot
  • Horizontal and vertical M-LOK negative mounting space areas
  • Removable spacer for upgradable protective coverage
  • Multiple tie down points for routing communication or power cables
  • Removable for servicing or additional weight reduction

Additional Items:

  • Exterior Velcro® Loop for patches, IR strobes & counterweights
  • Battle bungees for mounted NVG stabilization
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Drawstring helmet bag

*AR/PD 10-02 rev A


  • Manufactured with a proprietary rate-sensitive foam for excellent impact protection
  • Multiple comfort pads to customize fit and minimize pressure points
  • Moisture wicking fabric coverage
  • Meets ACH Impact requirements*
  • Channeled design promotes airflow around head

Retention System:

  • Lower rear mounting points for maximum stability
  • Inverse Clip® for retention customization or removal
  • Ultrasuede chin cup for incredible comfort
  • Cam-Loc sliders for one-handed adjustment and secure fit

Wilcox Industries L4 Shroud

  • Glass-reinforced polymer frame
  • Machined/anodized aluminum mount interface
  • Low profile anti-snag design
  • Anodized aluminum fasteners