Poduszki 4D Tactical Zero G Deluxe do hełmów Ops-Core FAST

Komfort przede wszystkim! Masz dość sztywnych wkładek wewnątrz hełmów i kasków Ops-Core FAST Ballistic lub FAST Carbon? Zestaw poduszek 4D Tactical Zero G został opracowany zgodnie z wymaganiami amerykańskich sił specjalnych.

The Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner by 4D Tactical. It offers the most technologically advanced and comfortable suspension system available for any combat helmet. Originally developed for USSOCOM, the Zero G pads meet and exceed specification for ACH Blunt Impact and Ballistic Protection – even exceeding current standard issue, OEM, and aftermarket suspension system offerings (according to independent and DoD lab testing (USMC SMART-TE ACH Test). What’s more; the Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner is the most comfortable set of pads available. Let’s repeat that: THE MOST COMFORTABLE SET OF PADS AVAILABLE.

The Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner is a rate and temperature sensitive material that conforms to the wearer’s unique head shape. The materials provide unparalleled comfort, fit, and stability. All pads are covered in a heat and moisture wicking NanoTech anti-microbial fabric. It is designed to draw perspiration away from the head and will actually cool the wearer through this evaporative process. The Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner is Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C 2533a) Compliant.

The Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner was spec’d with input from TNVC to be the ultimate in warfighter comfort and protection. Based on 4D Tactical’s excellent Zero G Standard Kits, the Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner contains more pads for more complete coverage. All pads are independent of each other for complete customization and compatibility with other head-borne mission critical gear. Once installed, the pads conform to each other, creating the feeling of a single, soft insert, eliminating hot spots of pad contact during extended wear.

At TNVC, we have spent the majority of our adult lives in body armor and helmets. We specialize in selling products that mount to helmets, so we no strangers to the discomfort caused by long hours with hard padding. 4D Tactical cracked the code with their Zero G Pads. Once you try their liner kits, you will never want to wear anything else. These kits are compatible with any helmet that utilizes Velcro-in padding. The Standard Kit fits all ACH/MICH/LWH designs, Crye Precision Airframe, MTEK Flux Helmets, and many others. The Ops-Core Kit fits the Ops-Core FAST Helmet Suite (Note: if you are installing in a FAST helmet with Lux Liner, you must remove the entire impact liner assembly). Get rid of your standard issue pads and learn to love your helmet all over again.